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CORES ltd is a specialized company in the field of coastal and port engineering, river and marine hydraulic structures, environmental protection in the coastal zone and sustainable coastal zone development, renewable energy resources. In addition, the company has experience in developmentof projects financed by various European Union programs,in particular EU accession funds.

CORES ltd carries out research, consultancy,feasibility studies, projects issuing research and coastal zone development, field measurementsand data collection, hydrographic surveys, hydraulic models, 2D / 3D mathematical modeling and simulation software modeling in the field of coastal erosion and coastal protection work, breakwaters and harbor facilities, dredging and disposal activities, rivers and navigation channels, flood forecasting and risk analysis, assessment of environmental impact.

Another field that the company profile covers is the use of renewable energy resources, whereby the experience in the field of ocean energy devices for converting wave energy is multiplied in small hydropower plants as well as the use of solar and wind energy. CORES ltd provides consulting services in the supply of wind turbines, photovoltaic modules and inverters and other specialized connectors and equipment.

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