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Coastal & River Engineering Research

 CORES ltd provide services related to the construction of hydraulic structures, river and sea ports, maintaining channels and waterways, river beds corrections, coast protective facilities and others.



Consulting services
Feasibility studies
Hydrographic survey, GIS data and systems
CAD drawings and design
Hydraulic modeling
Information; management systems
2D/3D mathematical modeling
Software development

 1 Coastal and river SERVICES
 2 Coastal and river SERVICES

Fields of application:

Coastal protection structures
Shoreline dynamics
Breakwaters, underwater facilities, artificial reefs
Lay-out drawings, port structures
Dredging, disposal, environmental impact (dredging plume)
River training
Erosion / sedimentation of rivers and waterways
Flood risk analysis; flood forecasting and modeling
Hydraulic structures
Stability\Local scour of bridge foundations and port structures
Environmental Monitoring Program



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